[KurdishLinux] Evening

Niels Dettenbach nd at syndicat.com
Thu Nov 27 11:09:53 CET 2008

Dear Giggs,

many thanks for your posting and introducing yours.

As you may have seen your posting is one of the first in this group. Currently 
there are only just a few peoples on the list and it seems until today there 
was no real interest in a kurdish LUG by the kurds. But i hope this will get 
changed in the next.

I like to introduce me and this project here:

Im 33 years old and are from (former east) germany. Since 11 year im working 
with open source like linux, Free,- net- and openBSD. Since two years with 
openSolaris too. 

In my last trips to kurdistan (I've worked for different local ISPs in Arbil, 
Suly, Dohuk) i've found several peoples wich are still working with Linux 
and/or FreeBSD on different levels but they still are looking for Linux / 
Unix knowledge and peoples wich are skilled in this. I've looked for a 
kurdish or iraqi Linux user group but i didn't found one. There is still a 
LUG on iraqi level, but their work seems to be much far from the typical work 
of a LUG anywhere on the globe.

In germany i've founded our regional LUG (EICLust) several years ago and im 
active in different other LUGs around too. As a small - but well connected - 
european hosting ISP my idea was to found such a kurdish LUG to help open 
source to grow in kurdistan, to connect open source peoples within kurdistan 
and provide a platform for their activities. As the most ISPs in kurdistan 
are connected by satellite or loose + far fiber links the best place for 
hosting the website, mailing lists and/or ftp's of such a LUG is still in 

Because im not rooted in kurdistan im looking for kurds wich are interested 
byself in (co-)found a kurdish LUG and helps to coordinate local activities 
in their country. I see my part in providing the LUG with our server 
ressources (webspace / CMS, mailing list, ftp, jabber, IRC and/or other 
services) in the one hand - on the other i will try to connect the kurdish 
LUG to european LUGs - bring in my experiences about the work of LUGs - help 
to transfer open source knowledge into kurdistan by activating experienced 
open source guys wich will provide help on your mailing list, sharing 
experience within kurds and other such activities.

In case you are interested to be active in or with this LUG please feel to ask 
me anytime - you are welcome to help to build the kurdish LUG, promote the 
project Linux-Kurdistan.org and the ideas behind a LUG. 

May be you know some more guys on your university wich are interested in open 
source and open for such a LUG and may participate in this mailing list? If 
you like to provide a (cms based) website i will provide the hosting 
ressources or further domain names for the project too - no prob. In case you 
have someone who will act as a list moderator - pls contact me too.

But - just in case you have any questions about linux or open source please 
feel free to post it in this group - this should be the typical reason of a 
LUGs mailing list.



Am Dienstag 25 November 2008 schrieb Giggs:
> Good Evening Linux-ers.



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