[KurdishLinux] KurdLUG Digest, Vol 1, Issue 1

Niels Dettenbach nd at syndicat.com
Mon Dec 1 11:14:39 CET 2008

Dear Giggs,

many thanks for your email, your interest and your time.

Im a little busy these days - so i will write more after the next days. Here 
just some points for first:

If you like you can do and / or organize things like:

 1.) Beeing a / the moderator of the kurd-lug mailing list.

 2.) Create a simple website (CMS based) for the kurd-lug - i.e. with:
	* ruby on rails?
	* ZOPE / ZMS (i will provide the ZOPE with ZMS installation)
	* ZOPE / Plone (i will provide the ZOPE with Plone installation)

While ruby on rails works on and with ruby, ZOPE is implemented in Python and 
most apps could be implemented as "DTML" (ZOPE DTML - see http://zope.org for 
details). I'm more active under ZOPE - so i can provide you with my help 
within ZOPE.

 3.) Create contacts within your institute and arbil? May be you can 
organize / host a first Kurd LUG with students meeting in your institute? 
Publish the Kurd LUG idea, addresses (website / mailing list) within your 
institute and / or outside (like in the free press)?

Please feel free to ask me anytime you need. In the next weeks i will have 
some more time again for beeing active within or for the kurd LUG.

I will provide you anything you need at our servers. Im open to give you shell 
(ssh) access to kurd LUG server ressources after a while (for your person 
only) too. 

btw: pls write further mails to me above my personal email address 
nd at syndicat.com.

best regards,


Am Freitag 28 November 2008 schrieb Giggs:
> I will be glad to help with transfering open source knowledge into
> kurdistan..as this is one of my main goals which i tired to achive
> with couple of my friends before.i have skills with php , ruby and
> linux. and if there is anyway i can help with please let me know.



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